Downtown Transit Center

The Downtown Transit Center opened in December 2015 providing more than 2,000 daily passengers who come downtown a safe and efficient means to transfer buses. Buses enter and depart in different directions and wait for passengers in two sheltered parallel lanes.

Blue Water Area Transit’s bus transit center project included more than $2.5 million in improvements to the surrounding downtown area. BWAT improved landscaping, lighting, parking, walkways, outdoor seating, and roads.

“Our goal was to make the area attractive and accessible to the more than 2,000 riders who board buses downtown every weekday,” said Jim Wilson, BWAT general manager. “We’ve also made the area more appealing for all downtown visitors.”

In addition to BWAT funds, the $9.8 Million bus transit center project was made possible by support from federal funds (70%) and state funding (17.5%).