Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities;
Reasonable Modification of Service Policy

Public Notice and Guidance

Public Notice: 

It is the policy of the Blue Water Area Transportation Commission (BWATC) to provide reasonable modification/accommodation of service for disabled passengers upon request. Requests for reasonable modification are not required in advance, however, whenever feasible, requests for modifications should be made in advance by calling the BWATC ADA Coordinator at 810‐966‐4204. The request from the individual with a disability should be as specific as possible and include information on why the requested modification is needed in order to allow the individual to use the transportation provider’s services.

Blue Water Area Transit will continue to provide curb‐to‐curb service as part of everyday operations. BWATC will also provide origin‐to‐destination assistance to those disabled passengers who request aide beyond the curb in order to access the service unless such support would result in in a fundamental alteration of service or direct threat to the health and safety of others.

Filing a Complaint:   

Complaints relating to denial of reasonable modification/accommodation of service should follow BWATC’s existing ADA complaint procedures that are available online by clicking here or by request from:

BWATC ADA Coordinator
2021 Lapeer Ave.
Port Huron, MI. 48060
Phone: 810‐966‐4204

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